Frequently Asked Questions

It offers a Point of Sale package and an integrated package
Offers (sales - purchases - inventory - control panel - statistics)
Provides (Sales - Purchases - Inventory - Control Panel - Statistics - Finance - Human Resources)
IPad, stand, Epson printer, cash box and subscription to Wosul system for one year
Yes is available
You need to pay the annual subscription amount
Yes, we have offers for them (as per requirements)
Not more than 5 days
If the stock is linked, you do not need to pay other fees
Free delivery, installation and training
Yes, we are able to troubleshoot 95% of errors and issues remotely, by providing support via chat and phone call. In extreme cases, We will provide support by visiting your site
Yes, you can.
Arabic - English
Yes we do offer barcode
Yes you can your own devise
Our visit is free
Some reports include: Sales, Inventory, Customer, and Employee and can be posted to excel
It offers an integrated accounting system, in case you subscribe to the integrated package
No; An access system is designed to function; Whether there is an internet connection or not, across all branches; So that you can continue your activity and collect your payments.
Access system compatible with Epson printer
Mobile vehicles, restaurants, cafes and retailers completely
Yeah; He can send an order, and get it by transferring the transaction.
WOSUL customer service team will contact you, when your subscriptions are due for renewal.